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Truth + Dare

Truth + Dare

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? That was the idea behind Truth + Dare, a showcase of the food, decor and entertainment options that can transform an event from mundane to magnificent.” Joanne Davidson, Denver Post       >> View the entire menu here!

A Creative Menu + Beverage. collection of strikingly innovative and custom designes including these stations: Ombre of Donuts, Strip, Biscuit, Duck + Bao, Bento Farm, Parfait Luxe, Choux Fetish and so much more!   Mood Integrated + Purposeful Decor. driven environments wove together light, texture, color, taste, and smell to make a lasting impression, incorporating the pure light of Truth and the racy darkness of Dare.       The Light + Provacative Entertainment. entertainment was integrated into the entire production, featuring DJs, acapella group, the drumming chefs of Whisk Beat, éclair eating cross dresser and several other live entertainment artists designed to complement the flavour of each station.